Spy (2015): The Other Bond


When she was a kid, Susan Cooper’s (Melissa McCarthy) mother used to leave a note in her lunchbox each day that read: “Give up on your dreams.” This formative experience, and others, have led to Susan, now a CIA agent who has never been out in the field, lacking confidence. Instead, from the safety of her office, she gives remote help and guidance to the top agent she has a terminal crush on, Bradley Fine (Jude Law). She’s downtrodden, often humiliated by her colleagues, and left devastated when Fine is shot dead in the line of duty. Fortunately for us, all this makes for an often hilarious set-up to the film.

McCarthy is a funny person; the fact her films are often lacking something is not necessarily her fault. Here, director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) allows her to deliver a steady flow of gags that only start to dry up a little later in the film. If it were more consistent and managed to stave off that midpoint lag, this would be a comedy classic. That it doesn’t quite reach those heights is a disappointment, but it’s by no means a catastrophe.

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